KIPO doesn't provide paper copies of the reference documents.

Instead, they are available for downloading on the KIPO’s website through PCT ISA Portal system for 6 months from the mailing date of the ISR and WO.

The service path for the references is => click “PCT ISA Portal” => click “ PCT Status ”.

You may also use the following link :


Please enter your PCT application # and password on your ISA/220. The list will contain copies of the documents cited in your ISR.

The instructions for downloading the documents from the “ PCT ISA Portal “ system are as follows


PCT ISA Portal

How to download the cited references using the PCT ISA Portal system.

1. Enter your PCT application # and password on the ISA/220

2. Click the “Search” button

3. Click the “+Citations” button next to the ISR

4. Click the “Down” button to select the file to be downloaded in the pop-up window for PCT cited documents

5. Select the path, enter the file name, and click the “Save” button to download the cited document

* In KIPO’s PCT ISA portal system, please kindly note that if it is your first time, you will need to run/install the executable program, i.e. “raonkSetup.exe” application on your computer to download/upload the documents. You might find any pop-up message for it on the bottom (or top) of the screen and click " run" or "save" when you see the message. Once you installed it, you will not need to do it again next time.