Before you can pay the fee using the credit card on KIPO’s website, your computer must meet the following criteria : 

- You need to use Internet Explorer (OS : MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows7(32bit), Browser : MS Internet Explorer 7.x, MS Internet Explorer 8.x, MS Internet Explorer 9.x(32bit)) as a web browser and allow Active-X control in the internet option (Or you might find any pop-up window message for Active-X control located on the top or bottom on the screen and allow it) and install the payment Active X, the INIpay plugin,(which is provided by the online payment service (INICIS)) for an internet secure payment. 

- In addition,  your credit card needs to be enrolled in Visa 3D secure services that is provided by the card issuer. (3D Secure is an authentication service developed by VISA for online credit and debit card transactions.) 3D secure registration methods differ depending the bank issuing the credit card or the country. Please contact the bank that issued your credit card and ask about 3D authentication methods. The payment will go through online only when you meet all the above requirements.